PWR Engineering (Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne)

Engineering at Pratt & Whitney – Tap Into P&W’s Brain Trust

Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne is a global engineering leader that designs and produces some of the world’s most sophisticated hardware – including rockets. For more than 60 years, P&W have satisfied customers in many industries due to their unequaled expertise in most of the major high-value engineering and manufacturing disciplines.

Please read on to see how the company’s unique expertise and capabilities can be used to solve technical problems and learn what the company stands for and how you may fit in or benefit from P&W’s “rocket scientists.” Some of the key areas for which Rocketdyne is especially well-known are featured below:

Systems Engineering / Systems Integration

Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne has world-class expertise in Systems Engineering. From designing and managing the Space Station Power System (100% uptime for 5 million + hours and counting) to determining the required redundancies to ensure 100% power uptime for an offshore oil rig, P&W’s proven processes and skills are ensuring a successful and efficient solution to all of the needs of your complex systems.

Regardless of whether the company needs to design a new system or fix a broken system, P&W will turn your project into a successful one. Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne is CMMI Level V at the Canoga Park site in all 4 Bodies of Knowledge.

Root Cause Failure Analysis/Failure Investigation

As they say, Rocket Science isn’t easy. Building the Space Station Power System wasn’t easy either. To be successful in these critical, “can’t fail” programs, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne has had to develop a thorough, world-class approach to Failure Investigation.

The company’s disciplined approach takes into account the system in which the failing component or functionality resides. P&W consider the entire system and the “physics” of what may have contributed to a given failure. This approach has been used in nationally-visible incidents, and across industries including consumer products and offshore drilling and exploration. Check out also this post about ten mechanical engineering startups that are worth watching. 

P&W’s teams work closely with your company to: gather relevant information; understand the pedigree of requirements, components, and systems; assess the intended use as well as possible “out-of-family” variations. The company conducts aerospace-level analyses and can define failure replication test programs. Statistically rigorous correlations of causes and effects are generated routinely. Ultimately, the objective view and systems-based techniques provide a unique investigation outcome that can help your company improve product quality and reduce future failure rates.

Hydrogen Engineering

Are you in the Hydrogen field? Need an expert on your side who has worked with Hydrogen for decades? As a pioneer in liquid propulsion – using both hydrogen and oxygen as propellants – Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne has more than 60 years of knowledge and capabilities of working with Hydrogen. From Hydrogen Properties predictions to Hydrogen Materials compatibility, P&W can help you harness the power of Hydrogen for your project. In addition to its Hydrogen consulting and testing expertise, PWR has developed a Compact Reformer for Industrial Hydrogen.

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