Mechanical Engineering Schools 

When choosing which college to attend successful manufacturing engineering programs, most individuals seek out mechanical engineering schools or manufacturing schools that provide a high-quality education along with the most affordable tuition rates.

In the United States alone, there are many colleges that meet these criteria by providing their students with an affordable educational edge that allows them to compete for even the most prestigious engineering jobs in the industry. Let’s check out a few top mechanical engineering schools.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology not only provides students with a superb undergraduate experience but is also home to one of the top graduate engineering programs in the country.

This program provides some of the most diverse choices regarding specialization in the field of engineering, offering its students industry-specific training that makes them highly desirable candidates for employment upon graduation. Another notable feature of the college experience at Georgia Tech is the highly affordable in-state tuition rates of less than $10,000 per student.

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor offers students one of the highest-ranking engineering programs currently in the country. Its college of engineering provides students degree options at both the Masters or Ph.D. level. Each November, the university provides current graduate students the opportunity to present engineering research projects in their predetermined field of study.

This unique approach to student-based learning provides a desirable alternative for many students who are unable to learn as effectively through lecture style and auditory-only teaching methods. Students who graduated from the school’s mechanical engineering program are pretty certain to get the best positions with according pay.

Purdue University-West Lafayette

Purdue University not only offers an outstanding academic curriculum through their top-ranked school of engineering but also offers its students multiple options for extracurricular involvement in engineering initiatives. These include, for example, student-led research projects in such areas as Cellular Engineering and Global Sustainable Industrial Systems. In addition, students can seek involvement in many of the university’s campus organizations and community service clubs such as Women in Engineering and the Indiana Space Grant Consortium.

University of California-Berkley

The University of California Berkeley’s School of Engineering is home to over 40 research centers in which students can become involved in cutting-edge research in, for example, alternative fuel energy for vehicles, as part of their learning experience. Berkley offers not only traditional engineering degree options at the graduate level, but also provides students with an accelerated option for Master’s studies.

The accelerated program provides students with the option to complete their graduate degree in a year versus the traditional two-years usually required for Master’s degree completion. See also this post about water fuel from HHO generators. This is really an interesting and revolutionary mechanical engineering project that deserves more attention.

Virginia Tech

Formally a military institute, Virginia Tech continues its tradition of disciplined academic excellence by providing its diverse student body with one of the top-ranking engineering programs in the nation. Students choosing to attend Virginia Tech’s Physics Engineering programs can choose from multiple engineering degree options at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels. Most appealing, however, is Virginia Tech’s rolling application deadline, which provides students with multiple enrollment options, as opposed to the standard twice-yearly opportunities for enrollment still offered by most institutions.

Although the field of manufacturing engineering continues to be highly competitive, colleges and universities are beginning to offer alternative options for their traditional and non-traditional students, in an ongoing effort to maintain their status as some of the top ranking manufacturing engineering schools in the United States.

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